Friday, July 29, 2011

Filling the Shelves

Months ago, when working on the Grand Piano Room, I put up these shelves.  Three white floating shelves from Target.  I immediately filled the top two shelves with fun do-das.  But the small shelf was not so simple. 

For our wedding we received a lovely Crate & Barrel orange vase (my husband swears it is red... SWEARS!) and I knew it would be the perfect size for the smallest shelf and bring a fun pop of color.  But there was one problem...the vase had been lost in the abyss that is moving.  You know what I am talking about, every time you pack up and move things disappear.  And no matter how many times you swear you packed it in the box with the frames or the dishes or the books it is not there.  Well, that is where my vase was...missing!

So after weeks of an empty shelf I decided it was better to fill it with something then leave it naked for the whole world to see.  (Yes, the entire world is looking at the shelf in the corner of my Grand Piano Room.)  So I filled it with this... daughter's Easter toy.  At the very least I thought it would get a few laughs.  And this is where problem number two arrives...NO ONE LAUGHED!  Now this is a mystery I am still trying to figure out.  Did they not laugh, or even comment, because 1. they didn't notice or 2. because they thought it was a real decorating choice and didn't want to hurt my feelings.  Either way it is ridiculous!  And let me point out it is the end of July and I put the chick up in April!

So now I am thinking that all my hard work goes unnoticed to my house guests when all of a sudden my husband points out that there is one more box in the basement that was never unpacked.  WHAT!?!? (Picture shinning lights and heavenly music.)  The box of our China was never unpacked and I bet that little vase is hiding in there!  And it was!  I dug through all the China and found my beautiful little orange friend.  (Not Red!)

So although two truths have been revealed, that either my friends and family actually walk around my house with their eyes closed or they secretly think I have a thing for wind up chickens, my little shelf has been filled and my heart is content.  (Yes, that is all it takes.)