Monday, August 29, 2011

Build Your Own Patio Furniture

OK...most people buy patio furniture before the last week of August.  But we are not most people!  No, we are not smarter.  No, we don't know some big secret about buying discount at the end of the season.  We are just indecisive and cheap.  OK, cheap is a stretch.  We just didn't want to spend a whole bunch of money when we didn't know what we wanted. 

But we finally decided a few weeks ago that we wanted a picnic table.  Yup, your basic wooden what you find in the local park picnic table.  But surprisingly they don't come cheap.  300, 400 even 600 bucks online.  That is until we found this...

A build your own picnic table kit for $88!  All the wood, bolts, screws and plans included.  Now we are talking!  So we picked it up at our local big box hardware store yesterday.  (Menards for the locals.  Home Depot had them as well but was all out this late in the game.)  And we had the thing built in about an hour.

It started out looking like this...

And after unloading the box we had this...

We began with the frame and made sure to follow the directions perfectly (not always our strong suit.)

But when things got hairy we had backup.

( know...hilarious!)  But the process was pretty smooth and it all started to come together nicely.

And with a few more boards we had this!

It still needs to be stained and sealed.  We also drilled a hole in the center and plan to put an umbrella there.  But we have friends coming over tonight for dinner so we will take it on a test run before we finish it up.  

Not to bad for $88 and an hours work! 

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