Friday, September 7, 2012

Making A House A Bookend

What...that isn't how the saying goes?  Well, in this case it is because yup, I took a house

and made it a bookend...

As I said last week, my daughter no longer has a changing pad filling the top of her dresser so I had some extra room to play.  I had my eyes peeled for some bookends but just couldn't find the right thing.  Well, that isn't entirely true.  I found some of the right things with the wrong budgets and some of the right budgets but the wrong thing.

For example, I loved these bookends from Serena & Lily, but the price - $54 - not so much!

And I loved the price on these babies - $4.58 - but um they are hideous!

Universal Economy Bookends, Standard, 4 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 5, Heavy Gauge Steel, Black
So what is a DIYer to do?  Oh yeah, DIY!  So I picked up these cardboard houses from Michael's for a few bucks a piece.

I also bought some stones, from the floral section, as I knew I would need to weight them down.

Once I filled the houses with stones I started spray painting.  The cardboard absorbed quite a but of the paint so it took 4 coats to get them covered.

After letting them dry I fished through my scrap fabric bin, cut out doors and windows, glued them on and my houses were now bookends!  And both my style & budget where happy.