Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reupholstered Seat

On the very first day my mom and I set out to hunt for furniture for her new Grandma Apartment we found this...

... the perfect spot for the granddaughters to play with jewelry and cover themselves in makeup.  But we both agreed the seat needed to be reupholstered, so that is what I did!

Reupholstering can be very simple and in this case it was.  I know many of you have done it before but for those of you who are upholstery newbies let me quickly break it down.  Pull it apart, wrap it with new fabric, staple. want more details...OK.

So this is what I started with.

I flipped it over and removed a few screws.

And had this...

I pulled off the striped fabric.  Now this is not entirely necessary.  I could have worked right over it, assuming my new fabric was thick enough so nothing could be seen thru.  But in this case it was easy to see that the striped fabric was also a reupholster job and there was something hiding underneath that I just had to see.  And this is what I found, a sweet purple checked pattern...

...but still not what we were looking for so I continued.  I ironed the new fabric.  (Please take the time to do this.  There is nothing sadder then putting in all this work to only have a big crease going right down the middle of the seat.)  And then cut a square large enough to cover the surface and wrap around the back on all sides.  Then just like we did for the upholstered headboard, wrap and staple.  It really is that easy!

I had to be sure to not pull the fabric to tight otherwise the sober lines in the pattern would have turned out more like drunk lines.  But other then that it was simple.  And now my mom has a beautiful seat to match her beautiful headboard to entertain her beautiful granddaughters.  (I don't know what we will do if any of us ever has a boy!)

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