Monday, March 19, 2012

Totes Magotes

I have been obsessing over this Waverly fabric ever since I saw it months ago on the JoAnn website...

Do you ever do that?  See something, not buy it but can't get it out of your head!?!?  I feel like that is a true sign that it needs to be purchased.  Yes, the universe was telling me I must buy this fabric.  And who am I to deny the universe!  So when it went on sale for $9.99 a yard I snatched up 3.  

And when it arrived earlier this week I new just what I was going to do with it...

A little trimming, Stitch Witchery to hem it (just like I did here)

and our bed was looking fab!  And no, I did not back the fabric with anything.  It is not a warm cozy blanket or soft cuddly quilt.  It is a beautiful piece of fabric that I just loved and thought it looks amazing in the room.  So yes, I love it and no, it has no true function other then to look pretty!

Wait...what else is that you spy next to the bed  gently lighting the room.  Aw yes A LAMP! 

And yes, there is another one on the other side to match it.  We bought the first one months ago at World Market.  Actually my husband bought it while on a solo shopping trip.  Yup ladies you read that right.  My husband was not only shopping by himself but he bought something awesome for our home.  I know...I am one lucky lady!!!  Well, it took us until last week to go back and buy the second lamp. 

This lamp is actually what began the cardboard inspiration!  So now we have the cardboard-esque lamps, the "So In Love" cardboard art and Fred the cardboard moose head.  I so wish I could get it all in one pic but the walls are opposite of each other, so here it is in two...

And without bragging (OK that means I am about to brag) the Master Bedroom really looks put together, layered and pretty darn awesome.  Once I get a bed skirt to cover up the ugly metal bed frame this room will be totes magotes

( haven't seen that movie!  Come on people, I Love You Man is in our top 10 quotable movies.  See It Now!)

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