Monday, February 13, 2012

HGTV's The High Low Project

I just discovered this amazing channel called HGTV.  Ever heard of it??  HA...JUST KIDDING!!!  HGTV is pretty much the only channel I ever tune into.  I could probably survive as one of those non-TV owning families if HGTV didn't exist.  And one show I have been over indulging in lately is Sabrina Soto's The High Low Project.  And I saw the most amazing episode the other day that I just had to share with you.

It was called "A Dream Master Bedroom" and you can check it out here.  In this episode Sabrina helps the Erickson family makeover their Master Bedroom.  The Ericksons have 5, yes FIVE, boys.  They have a huge Master Bedroom space but it is pretty much empty.  So to Sabrina's pleasure she got to start from scratch.  I bet it is just the worst for those designers when the client says "you just have to work this piece into the room" cause it is always something horribly awful.  But in this case she had a clean slate to work with.

So the premise of this show is Sabrina first puts together the client's dream room with absolutely no concern for budget.  In this case the first design comes to the grand total of $46,000.  WHAT!?!  I can't even imagine working off a budget like that for one room.  Especially one that needs no structural changes!  That was 46k in only furniture.  Then she recreates the same space for whatever the client's actually budget is.  And what was the Erickson's budget??? $6,000.  Which is not bad but way different then $46,000! 

So what did they come up with?  Well watch below...

Just dreamy!  I absolutely love the color palate.  They gray putty color on the walls is fabulous.  I am totally obsessed with the idea of changing up the traditional beige / brown neutral color palate for rich grays and what seem to be cool tones that amazingly lighten and warm a space.  In addition, I love the layering.  This is a skill I have not yet mastered.  I am always amazed when someone can bring different patterns, textures and feels into a room but still make it look cohesive.  But most of all I LOVE the concept because it is exactly what we are all trying to do in DIY land...recreating a look on a budget while keeping the luxury and style.  And Sabrina just nailed it!  You go girl!

What is yoru favorite HGTV show?  Oh come on, I know you watch it all the time too!