Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Blooming Good Time

A few weeks ago I went to Blooming Butterflies with my daughter.  It is an annual event held at our local and fabulous Olbrich Botanical Gardens (a must see if you ever come to Madison).  Thousands of beautiful butterflies are released into the indoor conservatory while the kids (and some adults maybe) run around and explore.

In addition to all the wonderful gardens and flying creatures Olbrich has a great little shop with all types of things to entice.  And on this particular trip I was enticed by all the lovely seed packets.

I loved the colors and vintage look so although I was unsure of how I would use them I took a few with me (oh, I paid for them too).  I actually find myself doing this all the time.  I only purchase bigger ticket items if I know exactly how they are going to be used but sometimes smaller items just grab me and I figure out the details later.

Well yesterday I figured out how I was going to use them!  I spotted this trellis while cruising through Home Depot.  For $4 it was the perfect solution.

I sprayed a few clothes pins with my favorite spray paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze...

 ...which I recommend everyone has a can of.  I use it all the time!  And when they were dry I put together the trellis and seed packets and had something I was pretty happy with.

And even if you don't have seed packets to display (I mean who doesn't have seed packets to display!) you could use this same idea to display pictures, postcards, fabric, all sorts of goodies!  And I did it all for just a few bucks.