Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Gift List

It is time for a little gift giving and if you are still searching for just the right present then I may be able to help you out.  If you follow MD on Facebook then you have seen these little goodies over the past few weeks, but I thought I would put them all together in one spot so you can finish off your gift list quick.  So let's get it started.

We start with a little something for the man in your life...husband, dad, brother - this is a good one for all.
Do it

The Dollar Shave Club will send razors directly to your house for only a few dollars a month.  And the razors  are really good quality.  I know because my husband is part of the Club and um I might heist his razor a while bunch.  Ssshhhhhh.

Next up is this little pack of 10 mini OPI nail polishes.  And the colors rock!

Including my favs Lincoln Park After Dark, Big Apple Red & Bubble Bath.  $23.49 on Amazon!

Have any of you heard of Spoonflower?!?!?  Kinda sounds like one of those amazing frozen yogurt flavors at the I can't stop myself serve yourself yogurt places.  But no, this is a kick-butt fabric place that actually does let you do-it-yourself!  At Spoonflower you can create your very own fabric.

Oh yeah baby!  Create your own fabric!  But remember, this is a gift so buy a gift card for your fabric loving friend (and maybe pick one up for yourself too).

Still with me?  I hope so cause this is a goodie and at the top of my Christmas list.  My very favorite bloggers just released their first book.  Oh Young House Love how I love thee.  And I can't wait to get my hands on this book stuffed full of top notch DIYing projects!

You can find it right here on Amazon!

Wow, after all this gifting I am getting hungry.  So let's cook!

Another blogger gone published.  Smitten Kitchen is a great cooking blog and has just blessed us with a cookbook.  Yummo!  A great buy for all chefs, wanna-be chefs and people who like to look at pretty pictures of food and drool.  Pick it up at at Barnes & Noble.

So I'm hoping I have helped you wrap things up (hahaha I am so funny!).  And if you have any must gift gifts share the love in a comment below.  Happy wrapping!