Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Simple Project For Fall

I love this project...it is simple, inexpensive and instantly brings color to any room.  I first saw it on a great blog, Burlap and Lace, and just had to try it out.  And just look at my new flowers!

And now look a little closer since they are not flowers at all...

They are simply sticks and tissue paper.  Great, right!  My daughter and I spent a few minutes collecting sticks at the park the other day.  (A great toddler activity.)  Then I picked up some tissue paper on a trip to Pier 1 that had a great subtle pattern.  And then I followed these simple steps...

First cut 2"x3" rectangles out of the tissue paper.  (This is an approximation...please don't measure.  It doesn't matter that much.)

Next take one rectangle and pinch it in the middle.

Twist the paper until the flower is the size you want and you have enough of a "stem" to glue it to the stick.

Get out your glue gun and glue the flowers to the stick in any order / pattern / or non-pattern you like.  WARNING!!! It is impossible to use a glue gun without burning yourself.  Why...I do not know...but it is a fact!!!

And lastly, arrange the sticks in a vase.  I used some sticks with flowers and some without but again that is up to you! 

A wonderfully simple project completed in about 20 minutes for about $2.  I would say that makes for a pretty good Tuesday!

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