Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Recap - Part Two

A few weeks ago I shared the upstairs recap with you but if you missed it just click here to see all the fun changes that have taken place in the bedrooms.  And today I am back to recap some of the progress that has happened on the main floor.  So let's get it started!

How about we start in the Grand Piano Room.  As you may remember this room is the first room on the right as you walk into our home.  The past owners had a beautiful grand piano parked right in the center of the room, actually that was all that was in the room, but that explains the name.  But since we don't have a grand piano we had to come up with another use.  When we first moved in it looked like this...

With a whole lot of blue paint the room has been transformed into my lovely office.

The Family Room got it's humble start with this lovely Christmas Tree

As you may remember we moved in a week before Christmas so this truly is the first picture I have.  But since this room has gone through an ongoing transformation.  Bit by bit a concept has developed and with each project it gets one step closer to being my BFF.

Here is one of my favorite before shots!  This is our sun-room the very first week we moved in...

Hehehehe, OK here is a better before pic.

And now, my daughter's favorite spot in the house...

So although the list of to-do's is long, it is fun to take a moment to look back on how far we have come.  I have to admit...I love this house and it really does feel like home and at the end of the day what more could you ask for.