Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper, Scissors & A Little Creativity

I've recently started a few simple projects to spice up our kitchen with one of my new favorite colors...Lime Green!  So fun for summer and goes great with the orange pops throughout the first floor.  

I have been loving the fun kitchen printables that have been popping up on Pinterest like this one...

Kitchen Aid Baby, You Spin Me Right Round Poster Print A3 / 11x14 - Red

which you can find here, Oh Dear Molly.  And these...

Untitled 1 Fun Kitchen Printables

from Over the Big Moon.  I also like this one

from Behind the Studio.  But as always I thought it would be fun to make something on my own!  I have made printables in the past, like this one, but a walk through Michael's the other day inspired me to go another route, the old school route.  It is called paper, scissors & a little creativity.

I just love all the wonderful paper you can get at Michael's.  I have used it in several other projects (like here, and here, and here).  But this time around I used it to create my "old school printable".

All it took was a couple pieces of new paper (lime green and gray polka-dot), some paper scraps I already had (orange pattern border and solid gray), some scissors and a glue stick.

I hand drew the letters and cut them out.  I traced a serving spoon and fork from my kitchen and cut those out too.  And then I started gluing.  Pretty fun huh?!?!  

It made it's way up on top of the kitchen cabinets with a great kettle I found at my favorite local antique spot and my friend "Mr. Bawk Bawk" from World Market

So this super simple project helped me get started on my Lime Green fun.  Can't wait to see where else it takes me!