Monday, April 30, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Month

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine seemed to fly by, but my husband and I did have a little time for creative planning.  We talked about our next couple of projects and came up with some great ideas which I can't wait to get started on.  But...enough about that because today is all about Kelli and her fabulous Etsy Shop, RedMarionette.

I recently discovered RedMarionette when I was playing around working very hard on Pinterest.  I was putting together a new board titled "Kiddos Bath" (which you can check out here) and I found this totally amazing wreath.  Now I know wreaths are not usually found in a bathroom but this wreath is so above and beyond that it could go almost anywhere.  Take a look for yourself...

wreath in the bathroom

Right?!?!  Totally AMAZING!  So of course I had to find out who made this which is how I found Kelli.  As always I asked our Etsy shop owner to quickly describe their shop and how it came to be and Kelli's description is just as wonderful as her work...

Red Marionette was developed in 2008 by a crafty redhead with an overactive imagination. Believing that everyone should have a doppelganger in felt she frantically doodled her way into madness.

From these doodles, obnoxiously cute creatures were born. These creatures took the form of ornaments, wreaths, wall art, party favors, Holiday decor and much more.
As they are carefully hand stitched, Lola, Pete, Fortinbras and countless others quickly developed their own eccentric tastes and characteristics. Some like cupcakes or have a thing for camping. Just like snowflakes, children and stars in the sky, no two are alike.

Leaves you wanting to see more, doesn't it?  Well here you go.

Felt and Yarn Wreath - New Growth - Made to Order - Lush Green and Owl Pair

Felt Baby Mobile - Funny Farm - Made to Order - Home Decor Nursery - Chicken Cow Rabbit Sheep Bull

Fabric Wall Art - Sheldon the Orange Owl - Earth Tones Argyle

Felt Ornament - Donald the Drippy Monster

Christmas Felt Ornament - Lloyd the Purple Lion

Felt and Yarn Wreath - The Peacock - Dot and Bauble - Black Lime Green White Teal Blue

I could go on and on but instead just go to Kelli's shop here to see all her wonderful creativity!  And if you want to follow her blog you can find that here.  Hope you enjoy!  OK just one more...

Baby Mobile Felt - Monster Mayhem - Made to Order -  Home Decor Nursery