Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wreath Challenge

Wreath Week continues and today it comes in the form of a little challenge - to make a holiday wreath by re-using what I already have.  Well, I almost did it.  I spend $2 at the dollar store.  I close...but still not to shabby!

I started out with the wreath I made last Spring.

And striped her naked

This left me with a foam wreath wrapped in burlap.  Next up was the fabric rings

The first thing I needed where two wrings which is where I blew my budget.  $2 spent on two jingle bell rings at the dollar store.  

I removed the bells and had just what I needed.  I first wrapped a few pieces of wire around each ring in order to have a way to secure it to the wreath.

I then cut 1/4 inch (about - no measuring needed) strips of red and tan canvas as well as red & white ribbon all of which I purchased for my home made advent calendar.

I looped each fabric strip around the ring by doubling it over then pulling it back through itself.  

Repeat, repeat & repeat wrapping the fabric all the way around the ring until the ring is completely covered.  

Then stick the the wire right through the foam wreath and you are all set.  To finish things up I hung a wooden D which I stole from a shelf in the house and had painted black months back.  So although I went wildly over budget I am still pretty happy with my $2 wreath.  And I was able to attach everything without using glue so I can re-use it all again!