Thursday, October 20, 2011

Canvas Table Cover

One of the first projects I took on in my soon to be beautiful DIY Room was to somehow cover the folding table I use as my work space.  I thought about replacing it with something fancier, but I like the size and how easy it is to move and it was perfect for my tight budget...FREE!  So I got creative. 

I started off with a 4 x 15 canvas painters drop cloth that I picked up at my favorite local Ace Hardware.  I liked the durability of the canvas as well as the neutral upcycled look it brought to the space.  I cut it down to size (just long enough to barely skim to floor) and then had some fun with it...

I mixed some craft paint together I already had around the house to create the variety of colors and I picked up some plastic letter stencils at Michael's.  I will admit it was a little tricky selecting the right stencil.  They had some paper options but I just wasn't sure paper would be easy to reuse.  Then they had some small letters and really big letters, which by the way looked medium sized from the packaging but I did a little in-isle opening to peek and see what I would really be getting.  At this point I was starting to get frustrated, especially since my daughter had begun to fill the shopping cart with every color craft paint in the isle, but then I found just what I was looking for - 4 inch high plastic block letters.

Oh and let me share the one thing I discovered while reading the always brilliant Young House Love that I will now never go without... Martha Stewart (yes, my enemy) Stencil Adhesive Spray.   

You simply spray the adhesive on the back of the stencil and it sticks perfectly to the fabric (or wall or whatever you want it to) but it does not leave a film or residue and the stencil peels right off when you are done.  Totally worth the $5.99 - well actually less with the 20% off Martha Stewart products coupon I found on the Michael's website.  Have I ever mentioned never go to Michael's without printing off their weekly coupons first...oh I have, sorry ;) 

Well now that the stenciling was complete I wanted to tweak the drop cloth to hide the ugly folding table legs.  So I laid the fabric on the table and just started pinning.  Since we all know my sewing skills are in the negative category, I wanted to find a simple solution that took minimal sewing so I came up with this...

A few stitches at each corner and mission accomplished - the less then attractive folding table was not to shabby looking!

I have also gotten started painting the room.

Do you think anyone would notice if I just left it like this?!?!?  This color is actually my initial pick for the dining room.  I made the rookie mistake of selecting a color and buying a gallon of it right there on the spot.  And of course when I got home and sampled it on the wall it was to blue...ugh.  But I liked the color all along so I am thrilled to have found a way to use it!  But this is just the start, there are much more exciting things to come for my little DIY Room in the paint department.  Yes, that is a teaser...hehehe!

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