Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Activity Of The Month Club

Back in October I introduced you to my friend Kerrie in this post.  Well in January I received this email from her...

Hi Mamas,
Happy New Year! As the weather keeps getting colder, I am realizing there will be quite a few days where we will be inside and searching for something new and exciting to do. A while back I saw an ad for an art activity of the month club where you subscribe and each month they send an art project in the mail. It was pretty expensive though and another friend had the idea of getting some moms together and doing it on our own. I thought of each of you because of your child's age and the possible interest in something like this. There is absolutely no pressure to do it.
What it entails:
Sending an art activity to each person on the list on your designated month (probably 2 times per year).
You can be as creative as you want. You can come up with your own project - you just need to send everything the person would need from the glue to the tape so that once they get it in the mail they can get started. Or you can buy an art project kit from the store and send it. It will be some work on your month, but the other months you can just sit back and wait for a fun project to arrive in the mail.
Depending on who is interested the projects will need to be geared towards 2-6 year olds.
Again, no pressure, but if you are interested send me an email with your address.
I will organize the lists, send out reminders and will be in charge of the January project (coming soon!).


Um, hello, brilliant!  So you know I jumped right on this!  Kerrie assigned months and put together the address list as well as sent out the first craft.

We got our craft in the mail and I set it aside.  But then a couple of weeks ago we were trapped inside in a huge snow storm (kinda like today, actually) and pretty much driving each other nuts.  And I cannot tell you how happy I was to have that craft all put together and ready to go.  My daughter and I spent the afternoon making popsicle stick frames and snowflakes and it was so much fun!

So I wanted to share this idea with you as I thought you might just want to put together an Activity of the Month Club yourself.  And I also wanted to give a big shout out to Kerrie cause this is just brill.