Monday, April 23, 2012


I thought of about ten different things I could title this post...Christmas in April, Meet Our New Family Member, My New Best Friend, The Best Day Of My Life (OK, not really true but I was pretty darn happy), but then I figured there was only one way to say it...THE COUCH IS HERE!!!

As you know, we were told it would arrive in mid-May so you can imagine how stupid excited I was when they called last Thursday and not only said it was in but they could deliver it the very next day!  I told the man on the phone that he made my day about 5 times.  And to add the icing on the cake we were having a BBQ on Saturday so all my friends were going to get to see it right away!

What???  Quit with the chit-chat and show you the new couch...OK, OK calm down I mean it is just a couch ;)

Oh she is so pretty!  And I am so happy with the fabric!  It is so hard to see a swatch and be certain that it will look good as an entire piece of furniture.  But once again my husband made an excellent selection and we love it.  (This pic is a little more true to color.  The above shot is a little dark.)

This may sound crazy, which is nothing new, but my favorite angle of it is from the back!

This angle shows off the clean lines as well as the high back, which makes it so much more comfy then the old PB slipcover couch.  And the fabric ties the room together like a dream.  But this angle also shows that the new couch is smaller then the old couch which had a chaise.  Which is not at all a problem well at least nothing that can't be solved with a couple of end tables like this one...

Bornova Side Table

Anyone have an extra $440 laying around they don't need???  (Man Ballard Designs can be pricey!!!)  Well, I guess it will have to just  go on the someday list for now.  But in the mean time I will just enjoy how lovely my new pillows look on the new couch.

Which by the way, my sister-in-law just spotted on this website for $55 (originally $97) and I had them made for less then $20.  Fabulous!!!

So if you are wondering what I am doing over the next couple of days I will be walking around the new couch, smitten with it but to afraid to sit on it.   I'm sure by next week my daughter will once again be allowed to dive off the ottoman onto the couch as she yells "fly".  But for now back off...Mama is in love!

P.S. Do you call it a couch or a sofa?  Really what is the difference?  Does sofa sound fancier?  I have tried it out but I think I am a "couch" girl.  What are you?