Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Somethings Old

Just the other day Sherry at Young House Love chatted about how so many designers have been saying "every room should have something old in it".  She then went on to show off a fabulous Craig's List find that I am totally jealous of and if I lived closer to her and knew her address I would totally steal when she wasn't looking.  

Gorgeous, right?!?!?!  But back on track...I couldn't agree more!  You know, with that part about every room should have something old in it.  We all love to buy new shiny stuff but I so often find that it is that old piece with a story and history that makes a room come alive.  Even if it is just a chicken bowl.

Yup, I have a bowl / chicken in my office that was passed on to us by my husband's late grandfather.  And we love this little guy!  It makes us think of Grandfather Don every time we walk into the room and in it's small way makes this house our home.  

In my kitchen I love the antique kettle that sits above the cabinets.  It was an antique store find and I love to dream up all the places it has been.  I usually picture it on a cold morning in Yosemite boiling up water over a campfire.

In our family room one wall is dedicated to a "something old" art project that I made from recycled cabinet doors.

And our dining room is home to one of my favorite Craig's List finds (take that Sherry!) which brings much needed character to a very bland (for now) room. 

So wherever your Old comes from I think it is a brilliant idea to bring a meaningful or antique or collected item into each room.  Because although Pottery Barn is beautiful none of us want to actually live in the catalog.