Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Weeee Bit Scared

Halloween is just around the corner and so are all things scary...BOOOO!  And although I am scared of many Halloween related things - bats, scary movies, spiders, oh and did I mention BATS - this scary post has nothing to do with those things.  Instead it has to do with the looming project that I am a weeee bit scared of, cue scary Halloween music.

As I teased the other day the DIY room is almost painted but there is more in store...stenciling.  I was inspired by this amazing stenciling job done by Sherry and Jon over at Young House Love.    

But I thought that since I am working in a closed off room that is really meant just for me that I should go bolder.  So I searched around Cutting Edge Stencils and found this great Damask pattern...


And then loved this bold color pallet...

moroccan-damask-stencil I decided to go for it.  The stencil arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and yesterday I made my way to ACE to select my crazy color scheme.  As you know the room is getting a blue / gray base coat so I thought a rich plum purple would be a great combo.  And that is exactly what I found, Benjamin Moore Plum Perfect.

So I have a quart of Plum Perfect, a small roller, the stencil, stencil adhesive, a clip-on stencil level (also bought at Cutting Edge Stencils) and the background color is almost complete but now I am scared!  I have never stenciled on this scale before.  I have watched the how-to video on the Cutting Edge Stencil site and although they make it look easy I still have my doubts.  And since I have a strange independent streak I have yet to ask my husband or friends for help.  Is that a mistake?  Have any of you stenciled a full wall?  Is it a two person job?  Help!!!