Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mudroom Redo - Getting The Laundry Room Organized

The next step to bringing life (and function) back into our mudroom is to get it organized.  I realize organizing is not always that exciting but it is essential to turning this space from disaster into desirable.

Now before I go any further I have to give you the proper wallpaper alert.  If you are allegic, morally oposed or become ill at the sight of ugly wallpaper it is time to stop reading this post because our laundry room looks like this...

Yes, it is a faux brick ivy extravaganza but let me be real for a moment...sometimes we just have to prioritize.  I decided to take the mudroom as my next project for a very specific reason, it was a mess!  And although style always matters sometimes you have to pick your battles.  And the best investment of my time and money is not to remove the wall paper right now.  The best investment of my time is to get this space working for our family.  So the wallpaper removal will have to wait for now.  I hope yall can respect that choice and just ignore the ivy!

With all that said, lets move on.  When organizing I often find that simple fixes make a huge difference and really that is all it took.  The first non-functional issue was the door from the mudroom area into the laundry room.  The former owners had covered the wall behind the door in hooks and one hook in particular was causing this problem.

The door wouldn't open all the way which made this handy little nook unusable.  So what did I do?  Yup, you guessed it.  I took down the hook.  Bye bye hook...

...hello space for the dog food, water and food bowls.  Which, by the way I usually trip over 5 times a day.  But not any more!

Next in organizing came this great little purchase from IKEA.

$1.99 and no more plastic bags all over the place.  Fabulous!

On the plus side the laundry room has great counter space but I am embarrased to say the great counterspace was always covered in a huge pile of dirty / clean clothes.  Or should I say clean clothes that kept getting mixed in with the dirty clothes which made them now dirty.  Yuck, total mess.  So I am hoping this simple fix will simplify this problem.

Two pieces of wood from Michael's, two coats of chalkboard paint, burlap and two nails means no more clothes confusion.

Now all I have to do is get my husband to do some laundry and the makeover will be a success!

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