Monday, October 31, 2011

A Very Gold Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  What...wrong it to soon???  I would have agreed with you a week ago but then I started thinking about my plan for Holiday Decor and all of a sudden I couldn't wait.  Bring on the cheer! (And ghost and goblins of course!)

So what is the plan?  GOLD!  Not over the top, wow I just walked into a pawn shop gold.  But instead a subtle gold theme tying everything together. 

As the wheels have been turning the Pinterest board has been growing.  And that is where I found this...

Pinned Image

...which can also be found here on Etsy.  This great wood piece got the Christmas creative juices flowing so I jumped right in to my first Pinterest / Gold Holiday project.

I started out with a piece of plywood cut down to size and an itty bitty can of gold spray paint.  (Let me quickly say that I bought 1 piece of plywood months ago and I have used to over and over for so many projects that as soon as I use this one up I am going to run out and buy another one just to have on hand.)

I probably should have bought the bigger can since the gold theme will no doubt involve more spray painting but I didn't think of it at the time and I am certain there will be another trip to Michael's in my near future.  And buying the little can (which I used all of) kept my costs for this entire project down to $8...but now I am getting ahead of myself.  Back on track.

I sprayed the plywood, let it dry over night then pulled out my trusty stencils, the Santa Red craft paint also bought at Michael's and got to work. 

Some simple taping and measuring to make sure my words were straight(ish). A little dabbing and some messy hands and in about an hour the project was done.  I added some white swirls to break up some of the words.  And everything started to come into view.

So for $8 (spray paint, craft paint and one more set of stencils plus a 40% off coupon for one item) the first of many Holiday projects is complete.  I plan to use it as the center of my mantel design, but since it is still October (until tomorrow) I figured I can't put it up yet.  Or can I?!?!?!  It is just so pretty...

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