Monday, February 6, 2012

Mudroom Redo - Shoe Storage Makeover

Does anyone remember this??

Yeah, not my proudest moment.  But you know what, we are mudroom virgins.  In California mudrooms exist only for show, they really aren't nesecary.  We wear our shoes in the house and don't have to worry about the sludge and dirt that the Midwest Winters bless us with.  So this whole thing is new to us.  But all excuses aside that picture is no set up.  That is the honest mess that was our mudroom.  BUT that is all gone now, drum roll please (no seriously, I'm expecting you to be making the spitting noise right now)...

Color, style & organization.  Now that is what I'm talking about!  So how did I do it??  Easy as 1,2,3. 

Numero Uno...I found the wooden crates at Michael's.  I first did some shopping around to find recycled crates.  I called local produce stores, searched Etsy and Ebay and I even thought about builiding them myself.  It turns out most produce now comes in cardboard, Etsy and Ebay were just more then I wanted to spend once you added on shipping and although I am sure I could have built the crates the above mess helped me to realize I didn't have time to take my time so I picked up 5 crates at Michael's for $12 each.      

I had previously painted the wall a great purple, Fire & Ice from Benjamin Moore, as I shared with you here so next up Number 2...find the studs and Number 3 drill the boxes right into the wall.  I was worried they wouldn't hold and I might need brackets, but just the screws worked great and made it so simple.  It was a project my husband had to help out with.  I mean I could have done it myself if I had 4 arms, but keeping the boxes level while drilling was a two person job.

At that is it!  Which means for now the mudroom redo is complete.  I say "for now" becuase the fabulous ivy wall paper is still haunting me and will someday need to come down.  But until that day is an organized and usable space once again, yippee!!!

P.S. I need some new cute Spring shoes.  These pics make me want to go shopping!

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