Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!  And I believe that it is totally appropriate and necessary to buy yourself a little something on your birthday.  So this year I bought myself flowers!  No not flower shop flowers in a vase, that would be a little sad, but you know the kind you plant and try really hard not to kill.  (My specialty.)

Last year we bought a variety of pansies in all different colors and sadly they looked great for about 2 weeks.  (In truth I don't even think these are pansies.  Are they??)  But then they started to droop and if you listened really closely you could hear them saying "why me"... I am truly no good at this.

So this time around I tried a new approach.  I bought Geraniums.  Why?  Because that is what everyone else planted last year so I figured they must all know something I don't (and that isn't saying much).

I also went for a new design choice this year.  Rather than going for a variety of colors I decided I would do all one color this year.  So red Geraniums it is.

In addition to the four window boxes at the front of the house, where the Geraniums now live, I also had to plant something along the front walkway as well as in the two additional boxes framing the garage.  But here is the catch...I had given myself a $60 budget.  And since the Geraniums came it at $5 a piece I was quickly burning through that.  So with my last remaining $20 I bought a flat of Marigolds.  "Bonanza Yellow" Marigolds to be exact.

If I'm being honest, I know nothing about Marigolds.  I know they were bright, cheerful and the right size and price for what I needed.  And all the label told me was to plant in full sun.  Well, OK.

So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they do well.  But knowing my track record, the odds are not in my favor.  (Ha!  That sounded like The Hunger Games!)

Well, happy birthday to me!  I also got a totally amazing birthday gift from my husband which I can't wait to share with you.  But until June 1st it will be sitting in a box since that is the soonest the electrician can get here.  Oh what could it be!?!?!?!