Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Pinwheel Wreath

Once again I have been Pinterest inspired.  And this time around my inspiration came in the form of a pinwheels!  Now that Spring is in the air I knew it was time to put away the Fall / Winter wreath and create something new.  And that is when I found Sabrina's adorable pinwheel wreath at Neverland Nook.  So I followed her lead and created my own.

And here is how you can make something just as cute!

You will need:
Double sided pretty paper (you can use single sided and glue two pieces back to back)
Sewing pins with larger colored heads
Foam wreath form 
Burlap, fabric or ribbon to cover the wreath form
Ribbon or fabric to hang the wreath
Glue gun

(I found everything I needed at JoAnn's)

To get started attach a piece of ribbon or fabric to use for hanging the wreath.  I find that it is easiest to do this first when nothing is in the way.  I used a piece of scrap fabric and glued it to the foam form.

Next I wrapped the form in burlap.  I chose burlap because I had it.  You could use fabric, ribbon, actually there are tons of options!  I simply wrapped the burlap, gluing it at spots along the way to be sure it held.  

The next step...make the pinwheels!  (I needed 12 pinwheels to create my wreath.)  Cut a piece of the pretty two sided paper into a 5"x5" square.

Fold the paper into a triangle, taking one corner to the opposite corner.

Make a good crease then unfold the paper and fold it from corner to corner the opposite way.

Now when you unfold it you will have creases forming a cross through the middle.  Cut along each crease, stopping about 1/2 an inch before reaching the center.

OK, you still with me???  Almost there.  Next fold the right corner of each smaller triangle in to the middle.

Now grab one of those sewing pins and poke it through the middle catching each folded corner and the center of the pinwheel.  And all you have to do is push the pin into the foam wreath form!

Continue making more pinwheels and fill in the rest of the wreath... 

You can cover it completely or you can fill one area and leave the rest open.  So many options!!!  Just so many!!!

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