Friday, September 21, 2012

Flaunt It

How is your Fall decor shaping up?  I am focused on flaunting what I've got.  Nothing like re-using and re-inventing what you already have around the house!

I took last year's Fall wreath

and updated it with a Fall bunting.

The mantel got an update as well with a few real pumpkins and some fakies from last year.

I re-used one of my favorite decor items. Channeling a decor idea from last Christmas, these mason jars (mason jars = love) are filled with burlap and orange lights bringing a bit of Halloween to my front table.  But just a bit, there is plenty of time for more tricks & treats.

I filled this hurricane with items from the past mantel as well as little fabric pumpkins I pulled together with items around the house.  My husband says they look more like lollipops then pumpkins...OK he may be right.

And the final touch was a change in scent.  I updated all the bathrooms with salt water orchid bamboo diffusers.  Don't forget what a difference your nose can make!

Oh and if anyone is wondering what my dog, Ellie, is doing this Fall.  She is doing what she did last Fall and all Summer and probably most of the Winter.