Monday, June 25, 2012

Time to Get Movin'

Tickets are booked, plans are being made, guests are on the way (at the end of July) which means I need to keep moving on the guest room redo.  It is actually more of a touch-up then a redo.  Wall color is staying the same, the main furniture is good, it just needs some style.

You may remember I started a while back with a gold themed gallery wall.

At that point I was planning on simple red accents and to be done with it, but as always that plan has changed.  And it changed because I found this fabric...

As you can tell from the first pic, this room is very dark.  It actually does not have a window.  When I saw this fabric I knew it would do wonders in brightening up the space.  So I bought it.  And now I am shaping the whole room around it!  

For the first step I did this...

Before I go any further I have to apologize for the colors in these pictures.  As I said, the room has no windows which makes photographing it a nightmare.  It is impossible to get good colors.  The first pic, of the fabric laying on the floor was taken in another room and really does capture the true colors.  Sorry for everything else!  But here is a better view...

The best part is how it all comes together with the bedding...NOT!

Look at that awesome color combination!  Well, needless to say new bedding is on the list.  Don't you love how one change makes it necessary to change everything else.  My husband especially loves that!  

But despite the horrible combination I love how the fabric looks on the wall.  It sort of acts as a foe window and maybe tricks guests into feeling the sunshine.  

I plan to make pillows with the fabric I have left.  I also need a spot for guests to put their luggage as well as some new accessories to compliment the new color palate.  I have one month to make it happen so I better get moving!