Monday, December 12, 2011

How do you show off your cards?

There are so many creative ways to display Christmas cards.  So many in fact that I just can't pick one, but the adorable family pics have already started rolling in so I better decide on something fast! 

But in the mean time I thought I would share a few of my front runners with you.  My first favorite idea is this from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour...


So what are those???  SHUTTERS!  Great, right!!!  She spray painted a couple of shutters red and stuffed them full of all her Christmas cards.  I just love this!

My next idea I stole from one of the dozens of Target catalogues that have shown up in my mailbox the past few weeks.  I don't even think this item was for sale.  I actually think it was just being used to sell photo cards, but it grabbed my attention and helped me come up with this simple idea.  Which unfortunately I have no pictures of.  So close your eyes and just picture it for me...

Take a wreath form (you know, the styrofoam kind).  Wrap wide satin red ribbon around it to cover up the styrofoam- perhaps using some glue along the way.  Hang the wreath with a green bow and then as those cards begin to arrive pin them to the wreath with small push pins.  Fill every inch of the wreath and hang it on your wall, door or put it up on the mantel!

I also really like the simple idea of hanging cards like a garland  or banner.  Here are a few of my favorites...

From Tilly's Cottage look at this great pom-pom ribbon

And from Centsational Girl, this looks great from far away

hanging from office window

But look up close at how she is hanging those cards!

jingle bell from afar copy

Jingle Bells!

And my final contestant, which I actually think is going to win out because I am so short on time and I have all the supplies, is this card holder made out of candy canes!  I found the pic here but can't seem to find much more info on it.  I assume you can attach a piece of cardboard to the back to make it stand up.  I will try and let you know!

Pinned Image

So happy card opening and displaying.  Just 2 more weeks till Christmas!