Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Next Picasso

A long long time ago, I can still remember, how that music used to make me smile.  Oh wait...home decor, not 1972 folk music, sorry.  Well it was a while back when I made this for my daughter's room.

It was a fun and inexpensive way to display some of the goodies from my daughter's first year.  Her birthday invite, her first "drawing" and some pictures from a photo shoot we did the first month we were in Madison.  Well, I was looking at it the other day and was thinking it needed a little updating with some of the wonderful things she has done in year two.  But of course as a mom I just couldn't bring myself to take down any of her first year memories.  So what did I do?  Yup, you guessed it...I just made another one!  

I moved the first year one up on the wall and made a quick trip to JoAnn's to get supplies to make another one.  All it takes is some thicker ribbon the length of the space you want to cover.  (I actually used something that feels more like cording than ribbon.)  And some contrasting ribbon to tie on the ends.  I used scissors to make small holes in the ends of the thicker ribbon and strung the other ribbon through tying a knot on the end and hooking it over nails on either side.

And then I used left over clothes pins from last time around, when I had painted a handful pink with craft paint.  I strung up some new art  (I mean seriously, she may be the next Picasso - just look at that butterfly masterpiece), her 2nd birthday invite and some more fun pictures, like this one on the left which I just love!

And yes, I will probably move everything up again next year for the 3 year old addition.  But I guess at some point I will run out of wall space and actually have to take something down...nah :)