Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Couch Styling

HI!  You guys still out there?  Did you survive Christmas?  The biggest hit in our house is Buzz & Woody from Toy Story.  There have been many exciting adventures "to infinity and beyond" over the last 24 hours!

Santa was overly kind to me again this year.   In addition to my miter saw (oh I know you are jealous!), I got the YHL book that I have been lusting over.  And it is awesome!  The best part is that it is totally Sherry & John.  No fancy pretending to be something they are not.  It is true to their style, humor and design aesthetic.  Great job guys!

And tip #15 (from the book) got me thinking about my couch and that with the addition of an awesome monogrammed pillow my Sister-in-Law gave us for Christmas (thanks Haley!) that the couch is finally styled just the way I want it.  Which in turn got me thinking about couch styling and that is how I ended up here - sitting in the kitchen, eating leftover stuffing, typing away.  And yes, the stuffing is even better the next day!

So where to start?  The answer is with a good canvas...a great fabric, durable, neutral couch.  And remember "neutrals" can be gray, white, navy or tan.

I tell you, Buzz & Woody are up to no good!

Many couches these days are offered with your choice of accent pillows.  I think the best way to go is get two pillows that exactly match the couch.  They are a good base for layering or you can use them elsewhere in the room to tie everything in.  But you want accent pillows that are less permanent - that you can change out when the mood strikes or the concept changes.        

Now is the fun part, the non-neutrals!  Pick a color scheme.  For my space I chose orange.  I have orange accents throughout the space building on my neutral gray pallet.  (My two orange pillows actually match the fabric I have on the benches across from the couch, again tying it all together.)  Take that color and add two or three pillows to the couch with that pallet.  The pillows do not have to match...just "go".  And be sure to use pattern to create the right feel - modern, rustic, country or a combination of all three.  And again, patterns don't have to match...just "go".  

OK time to personalize it a bit.  Add an additional pillow that speaks to you.  In this case I used our new monogrammed pillow (from Red Envelop).  Or you could make one like I did here.

And here are some more fun options I like...

TOO by Blu Dot Take a Seat Toss Pillow (18x18")

from here

Monogram Applique Pillow Cover

from here

personalized hot air balloon throw pillow cover

from here

The final step is a word that I truly think adds the wow to any room and that word is texture!  Burn it in your brain, write it on your forehead, get it tattooed across your chest for all I care but DON'T FORGET TEXTURE!  And now that I have totally scared you, let me give you one of my texture quick fix secrets.  Are you ready?  Are you sure? here if you think you can handle it!  Did you click on the link?  If not, it took you here...

TEJN Faux sheepskin IKEA The faux sheepskin is super soft, warm and cozy. Ideal as a rug or draped across your favorite armchair.

Can you see it?  It is the TEJN Faux Sheepskin from IKEA.  It is $9.99 and is the perfect size to drape over a couch or chair and it adds awesome texture.  And at that price they are totally toddler proof - cause you can always get another one.  (Heck buy two while you are at it, just in case.)  And look at what a difference it makes.

You can also get great texture with a furry throw or pillow.  And don't forget leather or suede or cable knit or scalloped or even some sparkle!

I was also able to add texture by using a leather ottoman.  Which means the texture doesn't have to be on the couch just around the couch.  Think baskets, side tables, lamps, frames, trays for remotes.

And the best part is that once you master your couch you can take these same design principles to every space in your home.  Just remember - neutral, color, pattern, personalize and texture.  Pretty straight forward, right?!?!

Now get to work on it!