Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun for the Fourth

If you didn't get the memo, Fourth of July is Wednesday.  Although it is a little strange celebrating a holiday in the middle of the week I am all ready for some family red, white & blue fun!  Are you???

Well, if you are still searching for a few entertaining ideas I've got just what you need. So here are 3 quick ideas that you can still run out and do before Wednesday's guests arrive!  

Red, White & Blue Pinwheels for the Kids

I love making pinwheels.  It brings me back to my childhood!  And the wonderful craft paper out there makes it so easy to match them to any occasion.  This time around all you need is 4th craft paper, wooden dowels and some pushpins.  All of which you can find at Michael's.  

To make the pinwheel click here to find a tutorial I created when making my Spring Pinwheel Wreath. I made a few adjustments this time around - I used 7" x 7" squares (rather then 5" x 5"). I glued two pieces of paper back-to-back since I couldn't find the right 2 sided paper.  And I used a little hot glue to make sure everything stuck together.  To make them kid friendly use a push-pin through the middle (look at the cutie pie  ladybug push-pins I found at Michael's!)

...and push it into a wooden dowel.  I painted the dowels red and also attached some festive ribbons just for extra spice.  

These are not only great for the kids but make great center pieces!

Napkin Rings

I figure why not use up the rest of that Fourth of July craft paper from the pinwheels to dress up your cutlery.     Cut the paper into strips two inches wide and five inches long.  Measure 1/2 an inch in from one end and cut a slit to the center of the strip.  Repeat on the other side.

Then wrap the paper around the napkin and utensils and slide one slit into the other.   

Berry Cute Ice Cubes!

So I am having technical difficulties with linking the pic of this awesome idea, but I really want to share it with you so I apologize that there is no pic.

I got the idea from Mrs. Spelling (yes, Donna Martin).  She has an adorable website so check it out for sure!   But on the to Berry Cute Ice Cubes...

Pour water into ice cube trays, put a berry into each spot and you guessed it...freeze!  You can use these babies in sprite or soda water or in a more elaborate Fourth of July cocktail you dream up.  I will probably use them in my crowd favorite sparkling lemonade - 1/2 lime flavored bubbly water and 1/2 lemonade (pink or yellow).  

SO...I hope these simple ideas get you in the mood for fireworks and fun!  If you have any easy Fourth crafts to share give us the scoop in a comment below.