Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Roof Over Our Heads

No really...we have a new roof over our heads!  Last April a horrible hail storm tore through our neighborhood leaving golf ball size dents in most roofs.  So the entire summer has been spent with insurance adjusters and roofers camped out in front of houses.  And this week it was our turn!

Tuesday morning started with a knock on the door at 6:45am and 4 trucks in front of our house.  By 7:30am the roof was already coming off.

By 8:30am the materials truck was parked in our driveway and it sounded like a heard of elephants were dancing above our heads.

And by noon the new roof was on its way up!

By 6pm they were all done.  Old roof removed, new roof on and everything cleaned up.  Not bad for a days work (not my day but a group of very hard working men who I am very impressed by!)

So thank you to Ridgetop Roofing Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance and a nasty hail storm for making our new roof possible.