Monday, September 12, 2011

From Free to Fab!

This bedside table began as a free find on Craig's List (click here for the full story)...

But with a bit of work and some paint this shabby find turned into this... new bedside table!  And I did it all for about $30!  I know, amazing right!?!?!  So let me share with you how I pulled it off...

After weeks of searching I found this bedside table on Craig's List for free.  It was a diamond in the rough.  It was scratched, bruised and battered but I knew with a little TLC I could turn it into something great.  First I removed the back piece of the table because it was pealing and bent and needed to go.

And I replaced it with a piece of plywood I already had in my garage.  Then I ordered 4 wooden legs from another great Etsy shop.  The table just wasn't high enough.  We have a new mattress and box springs and with all the pillow top, extra cushion, fancy stuff beds are just a lot higher then they used to be so I needed about 4 more inches of height.  Which is why I got these...

It took some woodworking skills (That is funny.  I have no woodworking skills but I sure can stare at something until I figure out a solution) to create the supports to attach the new legs.  But these solved the height problem perfectly.  

The table was also missing two of it's three drawers but instead of trying to replace the drawers I beefed up the existing drawer supports and added two selves.  

Then came the sanding.  I sanded and sanded and sanded until the thing was about an inch from the end of its life, but it was necessary.  And the results where great!

Once every nook and cranny was sanded it was time to paint!  I selected black and cream to coordinate with our other bedside table.  Remember this one?

It took two coats of black paint, three of cream, and a coat of sealant on the top to help protect from wear and tear. And the job was done!  And as I said it only cost me $30...the table was FREE, I spent $17 on the legs, $4 on a sample size of cream paint and $7 on a single black shelf that I cut in two. 

Now a couple of bedside lamps and some accessory shopping around the house and our bedroom is complete!  Except this is making me think that a black dresser would look great...ah a room is never really done. 

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