Monday, May 21, 2012

The Things You Don't See

Remember the very first time you saw your house?  Do you remember the list of things you knew you had to change as soon as humanly possible?  How many of those things have you actually changed?

When we bought this house we were moving here from out of state.  We did not live here yet so we were on one of those crazy weekend see every house you possibly can and maybe get lucky enough to love something tours.

We where on day two of the search and had already seen a few houses that "would work" but had not yet found true love, but when we walked into this house that all changed - birds where singing, flowers where dancing, and a beautiful white glow surrounded seriously.  But needless to say there where a number of things that we wanted to change immediately and this is what they were:

~ the mirrored wall in the dining room
~ the first floor carpet
~ the window treatments in the sun room
~ the wallpaper border in the half bath
~ the floor in both the upstairs bathrooms

So how many of those have we checked of the list?  Well, lets see...

the dining room:

the first floor carpet:

the sun room window treatments:

the half bath:

(haha we need toilet paper)

the upstairs bath floor:

Hmmmmmm.  Unfortunately all of these pictures were taken today which means none of those changes have been made.  Eek!  But there is a lesson to be learned in this, a few actually.  The first is money doesn't grow on trees.  Someone once told me it did.  They lied.

Second, sometimes something that you hate isn't so bad once you live with it for awhile.  Now honestly, that is not the case here.  I hate all of these things just as much if not more then when we first saw the house. with them has allowed me to appreciate the process of dreaming, creating and actually doing.  Because these things will be changed eventually and then it will be so much sweeter.

Time has also allowed me to rethink and rethink and then rethink some more how I want to do some of the bigger projects.  For example, if we had fixed the main floor carpet problem right away I would have immediately changed everything out for hardwood.  But now that I have lived with the carpet I have discovered that I actually like carpet in the family room, just not this carpet, and that I don't actually want hardwood.

I have also discovered that I love having a dining room / disco dance party area so why would I ever take down the mirrors.  HA!  Just kidding.  The mirrors have got to go!

But as I remind myself daily and just as Mission Decorate's mission states, "my mission is to decorate our home over time...".  So be patient oh impatient one...your jungle themed window treatments will eventually come down.