Friday, May 4, 2012

A Top Ten List For You

The painting in the dining room has finally begun.  I mean seriously...who took so long!  The room started out the week looking like this

and one nap at a time the walls are being taken over by Benjamin Moore's Bunny Gray.  Here is a peek at the progress.

So once the walls are all bunny ready the next step in the process can commence.  Oh but you will have to just wait and see on that one.  I have to have some secrets!  But in the mean time I thought I would share a personal top ten list just to see how many of you out there can relate

 You Know You Spend To Much Time Painting...

10. when your friend says "nice new hair color" and you say "oh no, that is just my living room color".

9. when your garage is mistaken for a paint store by the new neighbor.

8. when you dog's favorite place to sleep is on the drop cloth.

7. when you consider "cutting in" something everyone should try once, like sushi or working retail.

6. when you walk into your local hardware store and they say "Hi Jill, need more paint today".

5. when your utility sink looks like a rainbow of fruit flavors.

4. when hiring a professional painter is something you always want to do but would never actually do. 

3. when you find yourself having a conversation with your favorite Purdy angle brush.

2. when you started calling Benjamin Moore "my bud Benny".

1. when you know you have only gotten started.