Thursday, October 6, 2011

Burlap Fall Wreath

My Mother-in-Law (hi Page!) recently said to me "Jill, I had no idea you were so crafty."  And you know what my answer was..."I'm not!"  Honestly, I don't see myself as crafty.  I see myself as picky and cheap! 

I often don't like exactly what I see in stores.  And I often don't want to spend the money on what I see in stores, especially when I think I can make it myself for less in a way I will like better.  So...I think I prefer the title Thrifty.  And that is exactly why I made my own wreath.  I saw this great tutorial for a Fall wreath on Christina's Adventures and liked it way better then anything I had seen in a store.  I knew it was a thrifty slam dunk.  And I was right!  For about $15 look at what I created...

It took about 2 hours to make and was very simple.  To get started you will need a wreath form (foam or straw), burlap, 3 sheets of 3 different colors of felt, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Begin by cutting the burlap into strips and simply wrap the wreath in the burlap, gluing as you go.

Continue this until the wreath is completely covered and let the glue dry for a bit.

Already looking pretty good!  Next cut out circles on the felt about 2 inches in diameter (I just traced the inside of a roll of painters tape).

Then cut a circle out of felt the same size that you want your first flower to be and glue that to the wreath.  This was a big help once I started assembling the flowers!

And now you are ready to put the flowers together!  Grab a felt circle at the base and pinch it to fold the top (just like I did for the tissue flowers).

Snip off the bottom where your fingers where pinching the felt to create a flat surface.  Put some glue on the flat surface and affix it to the felt circle on the wreath.  The first one wont hold its form very well but the more you snuggle in there the better it starts to look!

And before you know it you have this...

And your front door looks like this!

So even if you don't think of yourself as crafty remember you can save a lot of money and create exactly your own style by DIYing!  I would love to see what you all have been up to for Fall so send me your pics at  Who knows, I may even share your brilliance with MD readers!

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