Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Your Color Personality

It is Monday.  You are sitting at your computer wishing it was still Sunday.  I know you feel like you should start the week out right, be productive, get through that to-do list.  Well, to heck with that.  You can take 2 minutes to take a silly quiz to reveal the destiny of your home.  How about this...add "take color personality quiz" to your to-do list right now.  That way when you are done you can cross something off your list and feel that awesome sense of accomplishment which is really the main reason you have the list in the first place.

OK, sold?  Follow this link to reveal your design truth.  

What's Your Color Personality

So what is my color personality???  The funny thing is the quiz was exactly right, my color personality is "colorful gray".  (You can check out the description below.)  And "colorful gray" is exactly what I have been filling my house with!  Pretty creepy!

But even if the quiz does not get your color personality exactly right maybe it will open you up to something you haven't thought of before.  Or maybe it will give you the jumping off point you have been looking for.  So take your chances in the game of life and see what you come up with and then share it in a comment below.  I would love to hear what kind of personalities yall are!

Colorful Gray
This palette of colorful grays is a perfect balance of sophistication and serenity. Each hue bears the marking of another color (blue, green, purple, etc.), creating a neutral palette that is anything but dull. Pair with rich jewel tones for a luxe look, or with muted hues for a soothing rendition.