Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Dining Room Decs

20 days until Christmas!  Is your dining room ready to celebrate?  If not, I have a quick idea for you...wrap those chairs up and put them under the tree!

Ok, maybe under the tree is a bad idea.  But do wrap them up!

I used a combination of burlap and dollar store ribbon and it came out pretty great.  Just cut them longer then you think, lay them over one another, wrap them around the back of your chair (or whatever looks best) and tie a bow!  Wire rimed ribbon helps get that beautiful bow effect.

I also used some ribbon to make these fun napkin rings.  Just add an ornament (mine was left over from the lovely ornament wreath).   

I think in total this all cost me about $4 and took about 8 minutes.  And now we are ready to party!

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