Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What the Heck???

Happy Monday and belated Mother's Day everyone!  I hope y'all had a gorgeous weekend like we did here in Madison.  The weather couldn't have been any better!  As part of my Mother's Day rewards I got to sneak away to get my hair done on Saturday and lucky for me Stephen, my hair god, is right down the street from the Habitat ReStore.

Side Note - I just found out they are opening another ReStore in July and it is only about 10 minutes from my house (5906 Odana - for the locals).  Until now I have been driving about 25 minutes to get there.  So excited!!!  I'm about to expload!!!

Now I don't even need to say that of course I stopped by the ReStore, I mean it would be silly not to.  And I am very pleased to say I found exactly what I was looking for.  This...

Pretty great right??  And the price was even better.

Yup, $10.  You gotta love that place!  Oh...you want to know what the heck I am going to do with that?  Gosh it just leaves me with so many options; toy storage, bedside table, coffee table base.  But no, I'm not going to do any of those.

Maybe I will use it in this direction instead.

Hmmmm, or I could turn the doors.

I mean there is good space in there.

So many options...and the best part is that I am not going to tell you what the heck I am going to do with it.  What the heck?!?!  Yup, I am going to keep messing with you until I am ready for the big reveal.  Hehehe, this is so fun!

But I would love to hear your guesses!  What the heck do you think I am going to do with it?  2 gold stars if you guess it!