Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Succulent Spring

Spring started out with a bang here in the Midwest, early snow melt, hot weather and tons of sunshine.  Well, since then things have slowed down a little and the rain has caught up to us.  So although we emptied out the planter boxes they are still waiting empty until it is time to start planting.  In the meantime I caught a post over at Thrifty Decor Chick about some great little succulents and one of her great ideas inspired me to make these guys...

I started out with these three little succulents, which I found at our local nursery for $3.95 each.

I pulled together a few jars I had around the house, including 2 mason jars and a pickle jar.  (Yes, I bought pickles at the store and cleaned out the jar when they were gone.  And I use it all the time for flowers and now plants!)  I filled each jar with a handful of small rocks, which I took right out of my own backyard.

Then I added some potting soil and planted my three new little friends.

For a grand total of $11.85 I now have three lovely new plants which according to my hours 3 minutes of Internet research only need water every couple of weeks.  Now we are talking!