Monday, November 21, 2011

A Quick Ornament Wreath

Just about one month until favorite day of the year!  Every Monday until Christmas I will share with you an easy holiday decorating craft that costs little money and takes little time but will make your home feel warm, welcoming and personal for the holidays.  Here is the first of more to come...

I know you have been anxiously awaiting to hear what I did with this frame.  Well, I am here today to let all your stress and anticipation go.  (Wow, this would all be a little sad if it were truly the case!)  It has been Christmas-a-fied...

...and is now the home of my lovely and quick ornament wreath.  How did I make that wreath, you ask.  Again I am here with all the answers.  You will need.

1. A wreath form which I found at Michael's
2. A glue gun
3. Ornaments!  I bought mine at the dollar store.  $1 for 15 ornaments!
4. Wire ribbon which I also found at the dollar store for you guessed it...$1

The first step is to remove the cap in the ornaments.  You know, the place that it hangs from.  Like this...

Then you start gluing!  I glued a my ornaments at every angle.  I found it hard to get them to stay if I glued them at the "cap".  It worked much better the more surface area I glued down.  You will have to hold them in place for a bit until the glue hardens but otherwise it is just that simple.

When you are almost all the way around take a break to attach the ribbon.  Simply loop it around the wreath form and glue it down on the the front and back.  Leave lots of extra to tie your bow.  It was only a dollar so be generous here.  I would hate for you to get caught short.  (True tragedy of Christmas!)

Then keep gluing those ornaments!  This is so simple that it is a great way to create a holiday craft without being scared.  Try it even if you are not "crafty".  But truly, even if we hate to admit it, we all have a little crafty in us.    

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