Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free & Easy

Two of my favorite words are "free" and "easy" - and I only mean that in the cleanest, home decorating sense.  (If anyone thought otherwise, get your mind out of the toilet!)  OK, back on track...well today's project is both of these lovely words.  I started with something I already owned. I used some paint I already had.  And turned this

into this...

Ahhhh, both free & easy!  But to break it down into a few simple steps, I cleaned off the wood table which we bought years ago to go with a patio furniture set.

I painted on a coat of primer - gray tinted primer only because that is what I had and since I was using a dark paint color I new it would work just fine.

After letting the primer dry overnight I painted two coats of Benjamin Moore Ruby Red - allowing for drying time between coats.  I finished it off with a coat of Shellac to protect it from the elements.  

And that was that.  A fresh glass of iced tea (not spiked - it is only 11 in the morning) and I was sitting pretty with my new red table.

As this quick project demonstrates giving new life to something you already have can be an inexpensive (or free) way to DIY-ing yourself to a beautiful home!  Enjoy your day!