Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty Box

Isn't it funny where our inspiration comes from sometimes?  I was shopping with a friend (Hi Anna!) a few weeks back, actually getting everything she needed for her daughter's birthday party and we were snooping around the dollar bins at Target for goodie bags.  (Don't you love those dollar bins that they sneakily put right at the front of the store so you can't help but stop and look.)  And we found what we needed but I also spotted this...

It is wrapping paper, but don't you just love the pattern.  And it was one dollar.  Now I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I loved it so I bought it.  Correction...Anna bought it.  I had no cash and was to embarrassed to pull out my credit card for a $1 purchase.  Now don't get me wrong, I would have done it but she was already buying a bunch of stuff so I suckered  her into buying it for me.  (Don't worry, she earned good karma for it which you will see if you keep reading.)

A few days later while on a shopping trip to JoAnn's I picked up this box for about $4 I think

and a bottle of matte Mod Podge.  Which, by the way, I thought was Modge Podge until I did this project a while back.  I followed the tried and true rules that I found on this website when attempting my first Mod Podge project and I think it came out looking pretty snazzy.  Oh yeah, I said snazzy!

And I added some robin's egg blue to the inside with paper I found at Michael's.

So now you are wondering about this karma thing.  Well, as I type the finished box is in a gift bag sitting on Anna's front porch.  There is nothing better then giving pretty things to wonderful friends.  (A wonderful friend who buys you dollar bin goodies!)