Friday, August 10, 2012

My Little Bit Of Whimsy

I get that not everyone is into re-purposing and recycling.  Personally, I love it!  I take great pride in hunting down an item, envisioning it as something else and then creating a new look or purpose.  And you know what, it may be odd that I hang old cabinet doors on my walls as art

or use paint cans as storage

but I love the character and whimsy items like this bring to my home so there :)  And you might think it odd that when I saw this little ladder at the ReStore I immediately thought side table!  

Well, I did and the $3 I spent on it agreed.  It was soon in the back of my car on its way to its new home and to serve it new purpose.  

And all it took was about an hours worth of work.  First came some tape

then came some paint and a little poly to coat the top

 and my new side table (aka wine holder) was born.

So challenge yourself to think outside the box.  It not only saves a pretty penny but it allows that creativity, that yes we all have, to shine bright.