Monday, October 29, 2012

They Are A Comin'

The holiday catalogs they are a comin'.  Everyday I open my mailbox to more browsing goodness.  Its like Christmas before Christmas!

Why do I love holiday catalogs and actually just catalogs in general?  Because they are full of ideas.  And not just oh I should buy that ideas but oh I can make that ideas!

So I thought I should put out a challenge to all of you.  Find something in a holiday catalog that you love and make it yourself.  And here is the thing - when you make your own version of something you see in a catalog yes it is true, it probably wont turn out perfect.  But I think that is the best part about it!  Whatever you create will be homemade, one of a kind and all yours.  You wont walk into a friends home and see the same thing sitting on their shelf.  Instead they will walk into your home and say wow, where did you get that?

So go for it!  Search through those catalogs and pick your challenge.  And once you are done email me the results at  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  And if you need a few ideas to jump start your project here are a few things from Land of Nod that could easily be re-created.  I've actually already started on one myself!