Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Confession

Does anyone remember this?

Well, it was the extra bedroom that was supposed to become My Room.  Yes...that glorious space where I could create, plan, store and have some piece and quiet.  That Mom Room we all dream of!  But I have to confess that those dreams have been replaced by a total mess.  And the worst part is I can't even blame anyone else for it.  I am totally responsible!  I have let all kinds of stuff pile up and done nothing about it.  

Like outgrown baby clothes...

A pile of maternity clothes (yes, my child is almost two)!

Let's see, what else...paper.  Yup, blank paper that was supposed to be used for something sometime.

And my "work" area looks like this...

and this...

Yes, there is a table underneath all that somewhere.

And the "well organized" closet is well...not organized at all.

Not to mention that there is no paint on the walls, no furniture in the room and really nothing else to speak of. 

But I have been hesitant to put any money into the space because I just don't know if I will use it.  Most of my projects are noisy (read - I am noisy).  And this room is right next to my daughter's.  Since you all know that most of my projects get done when she is sleeping that just doesn't work.  But I do need a place to store all my junk  goodies rather then letting them spread all over the house.  So I think it is time to do something about this. 

Here is what I am thinking...could I do this entire room for $250 or less?  I need book shelves, drawers, paint, seating and a few things to pretty it up.  I just don't know???  But I am willing to try!!!!  So that is what I will be working on for the next couple of months (in addition to the rest of the long list). 

I would love your help / ideas for craft storage on the cheaps!  I'm sure you guys have come up with some great stuff so please share!