Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Or Something Like That

Remodeling projects, no matter how simple they seem, are ever well...simple.  In addition to the light fiasco, we also purchased a new faucet, knobs and mirror for the main floor bathroom.  The fixture arrived and we tried to install it this morning but of course it did not fit.  So we boxed it back up to ship it back and went to Manards (the Mid-West's version of Home Depot.  We have Home Depot too.  I mean we aren't barbarians.)  And actually found something that looked good and actually fit.  I guess the "fitting" part is crucial.  So that was one step back and then one step forward.

Hubs working hard to install the new faucet...

Sorry ladies, he is all mine!

We also bought new knobs for the bathroom cabinets.  And those were a slam dunk the first time out the gates.

So we will call that one step forward.  (Or do two knobs count as two steps?!?)

Next we splurged and ordered this awesome mirror from Pottery Barn.

Kensington Pivot Mirror, Regular, Antique Bronze finish

It also arrived this past week but when we went to install it this morning it had a crack.  Booooooo!  So one more step back.  We called Pottery Barn right away and they will have another one in the mail tomorrow.  I was hoping to get some kind of credit or discount on my next purchase since the crack sets us back at least a week.  But after consulting with her supervisor the woman on the phone said "Let's get the mirror shipped out to you.  Make sure you are happy with it and then we can address your request."  Translation - we are expecting that you wont take the time to call us back in a week when you get the new mirror so hopefully we will get out of this without giving you anything.  Lame-o!

So the status is we have a new faucet and knobs and we are waiting on the new light and mirror to arrive.  And that officially takes the tally to one step step forward...another step forward...and a giant mirror step back.  As I said, never simple!