Monday, December 17, 2012

What Is Next?

It has taken me a few weeks to settle on what will be my next project, but I have come to a decision.  Watch out main floor bath, here I come!

It is a small space as most 1/2 baths are...sink, mirror, toilet and the crown jewel - a wallpaper border.  UGH.  The space has tall ceilings but no window, hardwood floors and some very 80's gold accessories.  Have I showed you these babies before?

They are the same in all of our bathrooms.  They must have been on sale.  I can't imagine why!  

So right now the room looks like this...

Nothing to brag about.  But my mind is spinning and my Pinterest board is filling up.  And a few ideas have come together.

What do you think?  It is very possible that these ideas will change 10 more times but hey, that is OK.  You have to start somewhere!  And if you are wondering how to get started on a new space, I usually start on Pinterest collecting colors, textures and little pieces that get me excited.  I put them all in one board over time and let them marinate and usually a concept floats to the top.  I then like to use PicMonkey to collage the pics into one space as I have done above.  (Super simple - just right click on the pic in Pinterest and Save Image As, then download them into a PicMonkey collage.)

So as soon as I figure out what to do about the wallpaper I will get a move on.  Remove it? Prime right over it? Burn it?  Who knows :)