Friday, January 18, 2013

My Amazing Little Girl

My amazing little girl turned 3 on Wednesday!  And as my husband so brilliantly proclaimed on Facebook "So whoever had the under on three years, I kept my child alive and didn't forget her at the grocery store, so HA to you!!"  Kinda sums it up.  

But this weekend is the Big Birthday Party!  And I know a lot of parents like to keep it simple, especially for the first few birthdays, but um I am not one of those parents.  The truth is I love planning this kind of stuff!

Ky's first birthday party was a storytime themed bash.  (Here are all the details.)  Her 2nd birthday party was a sledding party.  (Details for that one too.)  And this year what will it be?  I will give you three guesses.  Zoo  Yup, you got it...DORA!  Probably the most popular little girl birthday theme around.  But don't think this is just Dora plates and hats.  Nope, we are going on an adventure.  A true Dora exploration!

But sorry you will have to wait till next week to see all the details but before then I have a quick problem to solve.  As I was just putting the food together I noticed a not-on-purpose theme.

Anyone else see it?!?!?  Everything is ORANGE!  Kinda odd, right?  Well, looks like I am running to the store for snap peas or green apples or anything not orange!

Have a great weekend everyone and wish me luck!