Friday, June 1, 2012

You Light Up My Life

Before I begin I need to explain that the title if this post is meant to be just as cheesy as it sounds.  My husband is amazing.  He is an amazing man, team mate, father and shopper.  Yes, ladies I am blessed by a husband who has great taste.  And today's post only proves that.  Because for my birthday last month he bought me the most amazing gift that not only lit up my life but it also lit up my life.

This totally amazing chandelier is the De Vine Wood Ball from Shades of Light.  Now it was on the pricey side but first of all I am totally worth it (just kidding...don't worry!).  But seriously it is very high quality and an absolute statement piece that is so fabulous it was worth every penny.  And if you are curious we thought about DIY-ing it but just the vine ball itself would have cost us around $300.  So we splurged - actually my husband splurged and I get to enjoy the benefits!

But enough of that, here are some more pictures...

And if you are wondering what was there before it was this beauty (please excuse the horrible picture that I took at night).

True, there are worse light fixtures out there but it just wasn't working for us.  The old fixture was also on a track - no idea why - and it was not centered in the space.  So we opted to hire a real electrician for this one.  He not only installed the new fixture he removed the track, centered the fixture and patched the ceiling mess.  Not to mention saved us from a trip to the ER due to electric shock...worth every penny.  

The new light has amazing texture as well!

I realize this light will not be everyone's style but that only reminds me that a house only becomes a home when you make it your own.  And sometimes taking risks is the best reward!