Friday, December 9, 2011

The DIY Room Breakdown

As you know the DIY room is complete, but I did promise you the full room breakdown so here it is!

#1 Plate Wall - The plate wall was a very simple project that helped break up the pattern of the stencil.  Here are the details of all the plates and how I mounted them on the wall. 

#2 Chic Lamp - This great lamp is from Target.  Yup, Target!  It was about $30 with base and shade.  It had a few scratches on the white base so they gave me a discount at the register and I touched it up with white out!

#3 Table Top Decor - If you look close you will see the work space is filled with all kinds of goodies.  What, you want to look close.  OK...

I filled an old pesto jar with turquoise buttons and a vase with left over ribbon and fabric.  I displayed an empty (yes, drank by me) beer bottle and a glass jar I kept from some fancy soap I bought years ago.  The star is from the dollar bin at target as well as the bucket filled with the items I use daily - scissors, glue gun, screw driver - you know the basics.  But the take away here is I found almost everything in my house.  Only $2 spent!

#4 Table Cover - The table cover began as a painter's drop cloth and with some trimming and stenciling turned into this.  Read the details here!

#5 Apple Green Chair - Where oh where did this mysterious chair come from.  Well, the answer is here...

Yup, I stole it!  I painted this chair almost a year ago for the kitchen table.  It is a great chair but not quite sturdy enough to function as the jungle gym my daughter has turned it into.  So it has been given a new job in my DIY room and now the hunt is on for a new chair to replace it downstairs.

#6 The Pin Board That Will Be On This Wall - I am currently working on one last project for this room - a magnetized, used to be cabinet door to hold all my project ideas.  So keep an eye out as for that to be completed. 

#7 More Table Top - The table top thriftiness continued over here... 

A washed out pickle jar filled with nails and thread.  Another dollar bin bucket holding all my paint...

Some skeleton keys displayed on a plate and a Goodwill metal box filled with fabric.  Simple, cheap and functional.

#8 The Dresser - I shared this beauty with you only days ago but just in case you have this!

OH NO!  I forgot to include the stencil.  OK, adding a #9 The Stencil - Ah the stencil.  The stencil that began it all.  The stencil that captures my heart every time I walk into the seriously!  Read the complete how to right here

So that is it!  Please send me your question or comments below.  And share your room redesigns with me at