Monday, February 27, 2012

Sew Amazing!!!

I am SEW excited (and yes, I am going to keep doing that the entire post)!!!  My bench cushions are done and SEW fabulous!  Look...

Now before you get all excited that this is going to be a how-to all about sewing your own cushions I have to stop you.  I just don't sew!  I figure, you gotta know your strengths and your non-strengths and although I can sew on a button or hand sew some napkin pillows I am not a seamstress.  I am scared of sewing machines and detailed measuring is way beyond me.  So how did I end up with these gorgeous bench cushions...yup you guessed it, I paid someone and totally don't regret it!!!

I realize this is not what DIYing is all about but let me tell you, my version of a DIY cushion would be DIU...darn impressively ugly!  A friend told me about a wonderful woman she knows, also named Jill, who does seamstress work from her home.  And as it turns out she lives right down the street from me.  My friend said she not only did amazing work but that she is extremely reasonably priced.  So sorry die hard DIYers, I caved.

As I told you about here I ordered this wonderful Waverly fabric from JoAnn's


I have to admit it was even more orange then I had expected but I still loved it and figure the more color the merrier!  I brought the fabric and this lovely sketch to my new friend Jill.

For the details, I wanted the cushions to be 2 inches high.  I also asked for a zipper so I could remove the fabric and clean it if when needed.  I also asked her to add two ties so I could secure the cushion to the bench.  This wasn't my exact design preference but I didn't want them sliding all over the place when my daughter was climbing on them so function won out. 

I also asked Jill to add piping.  We both thought this was a good idea since the fabric was so bold.  The piping could break it up a little.  I also mentioned that if she had any extra fabric I would love a pillow or two!  But that was just wishful thinking.  Except, Jill is a miracle worker and look what I got...  

I am just SEW happy!  Now I do think the orange is a little crazy with my bright red couch but have I mentioned that I hate my couch - oh, I have...sorry.  Well, we are working on replacing it and the replacement will be a much more neutral color so the pop of orange will be fabulous.  For now it is a little Ronald McDonald so I may even put the pillows away until a new couch makes its debut.  

But I have to tell you that I not only love the new bench cushions I love that I may never have to ever sew a thing on my own and still be able to have custom fabric throughout the house at a reasonable price.  Let's hear it for Jill (me and Jill, the miracle seamstress)!!! YIPPEE!